Beginners Guide to: Common Electrical Problems

Electrician BrisbaneSafety in your household electrics is the most important thing. High bills, flickering lights and frequent electrical surges can all be signs of electrical problems in the home circuit.

The key to safety around the home, is proper maintenance, especially when you are feel unsure or concerned.

1. Frequent Electrical Surges

If you are constantly experiencing frequent electrical surges, the culprit is probably an electrical device connected to the home grid or wiring itself. To solve the problem, remove any cheaply made devices from the outlet, otherwise consult an electrician.

2. Light Switches Not working Properly

If you find out the switches don’t seem to activate anything at all, this may be a sign that the switches have been superseded, fault in the outlet, circuit or wiring. Usually these problems are attributed to shoddy workmanship or sub-standard products.

3. Solar Panel Issues

Nathan from Solar Installers Brisbane says that besides problems with the inverted, the next most-common problems that solar panel owners experience are electrical system issues and loose or damaged roof tiles. Loose/damaged roof tiles, meter problems and panel problems are some other issues that can happen but very rare. You can take help of solar panel installation professionals to fix the issue.

4. Lights Too Dim/Bright

There are two probable causes for too bright or dim lights in your home. Firstly, check the wattage as different wattage effects brightness. Secondly, a bad main neutral connection. This will continue to cause issues until it is fixed by an electrician.

5. Electrical Shocks

An electrical shock is one of the worst thing that could potentially happen around the house. Electrical shocks happen when you turn a device on or off continually. You could potentially try plugging in another device to see if the same thing happens, but the safest option is calling an electrician. Sometimes, it is best to take professional help for electrical safety.

6. Abnormally High Electrical Bill

Ways you can reduce your electrical bill:

– Patching leaks in the hot water system
– Doing research on the best provider
– Repairing damaged wiring
– Unplugging appliances/chargers when not in use
– Seek advice on devices that may be the cause of power surges

7. Sags and Dips in Power

Sags and dips are often attributed to devices connected to your power grid that are faulty or made from sub-par materials. They tend to draw a great deal of power when in use.

8. Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker

When high wattage items are using the same power source, it can definitely trip circuit breakers. These items include microwaves, hairdryers, straighteners and portable air conditioners. When it does trip however, this means it is doing its job and protecting your home. When you notice it happening, try pausing it for a while, or putting the device on a lower setting.

9. Overloading Circuits

We get it, you want everything plugged in at the same time, your phone charger, computer charger, hairdryer, straightener, you name it. However, doing this is the cause of frequent circuit breaker tripping. Ways to prevent it include; do not daisy-chain power boards, remove devices that are not being used, and being mindful of how you connect devices.

10. Light Bulbs Burning out Frequently

Reasons your lights are burning out too often:

– Bad wiring on the mains or circuit
– Wattage is too high
– Insulation is too close to the light