7 Best Places To Do Kayaking In Europe

Thanks to centuries of legendary literature and history, the beauty of Europe’s landscape, cultures, languages, and a wide array of coastlines has been glorified for ages.

The coastlines offer versatile kayaking experience both at its shores and beyond. Without further ado, here’s a compilation of seven of the best coasts, rivers and lakes to kayak in Europe.

1. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is famous for its incomparable tastes in wine. It has taken France’s tourism sector to a whole new level thanks to its unending and delightful surprises. Here’s the catch, you can organize a wine tasting spree with friends combined with a kayak.

The Gironde, Garonne, and Dordogne Rivers facilitate the rich and bountiful vineyards responsible for the exotic yet refreshing wines.

These rivers also provide conducive and exclusive platforms for kayak lovers to let themselves go. Their tranquility also adds more life and zest to kayaking.

A soothing combination of kayaking and treating your taste buds to the best wine is a fantastic way to spoil yourself.

Aside from the unique Bordeaux wine, treat yourself to some of the exotic cuisines. This is where France’s sumptuous delicacies stem from, and you wouldn’t want to leave without stopping by for a bite or two. Its awe-inspiring beauty and splendor have earned it a spot in the list of places to visit.

2. Noce, Italy

If you love a healthy kayaking challenge, get your canoe and kayak ready because Noce is the place for you. It’s found in North Italy, Vale di Sole. It’s also known to be Italy’s leading river because of the Class III, IV and V rapids.

Kayak lovers hail it for its gigantic waves which makes the whole experience captivating and exciting, captivating. These are some of the things that will make your trip unforgettable.

The rapids vary in strength as you paddle across. You’ll find them nasty at some point and adventurous down the river. It wouldn’t be advisable to go kayaking alone if it’s your first time. Kayaking is not the only form of adventure that will draw you to this fantastic destination.

Amazing geographical features will leave you mesmerized and gasping for more. They are perfect for hiking as well as bird watching for all who are crazy about nature.

3. Tara Canyon, Bosnia

Also known as the “Tear of Europe” and the largest canyon in Europe, Tara Canyon has gained global recognition for its clean water sources. It’s 158km long, making it to the top 10 largest canyons in the world.

Tara Canyon arises from the rivers Verusa and Opassanica. The Canyon also has fourteen rivers flowing into it, seven from either side and has 69 rapids on that path. This assures nature of the sustainability of all life, including sea creatures, birds, and wildlife.

A kayaking expedition will see you learn more about the Tara Canyon in Europe. This includes the fact that it’s home to many animals like trouts, graylings, hutchens, and other types of fish. It’s also a habitat to birds like griffon vultures, hawks, and animals like bears and wolves.

It’s interesting that despite all these fantastic features, most people still don’t have the slightest idea of what or where the Tara Canyon is. It’s simply the unexplored gem of Europe.

Tara River prides itself on being on the UNESCO’S list of protected areas in the “Man and Biosphere” program from 1977 thanks to its diverse flora and fauna.

4. Danube, Central Europe

Imagine getting into a canoe and floating on perfectly still water where you become one with nature. Sounds good? Well, you should consider taking a kayak trip to Europe’s second-largest river after the Volga, the Danube. It rises from the Black Forest mountains of western Germany and flows for some 2850km to its mouth.

It flows through 10 countries: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Ukraine.

The Danube gives you the rare opportunity to tour Europe via kayaking. You’ll come across many beautiful places like the Old Bridge, the Apollo, and the St. Martin’s Cathedral.

5. Lakelands, Ireland

As the name suggests, Lakelands is a lake located in Ireland. Owing to its diversity in inland kayaking suggestions, Lakeland is recognized as Europe’s outstanding kayaking destination.

As a result, Ireland is embraced globally as a friendly and superb place to go kayaking. It’s also rich in culture and tradition that has been carefully preserved for hundreds of years. After your kayaking ventures, you will fancy reliving the day’s experiences over a plate of tantalizing Irish cuisines.

You could opt to pair this up with a glass of rich Irish wines that have been tastefully blended to suit your taste buds.

6. Lake Saimaa, Finland

Lake Saimaa is a labyrinth formed by thousands of islands and deep waters. It boasts 1370 islands and is Finland’s largest lake, about 4400 square km long. Here, you get to experience pure nature at its best. The lake water is clean in most places that you can drink from it. Many animals like foxes, bears, and wolves feel at home here.

If you’re an avid camper, then the surroundings of Lake Saimaa are just for you. There’s so much to explore and enjoy as you paddle through the quiet waters.

7. Adriatic Coast, Croatia

You’ll need to have plenty of time on your hands to explore this vast coast by kayak. There’s so much to see and discover that it might probably take you a week or more

Lying between the Balkan and Italian peninsulas, the Adriatic Coast is such a pleasant sight to behold. What with about 1000 islands, and deep blue waters could probably be your wildest dreams coming true.

The Coast is especially enchanting when night falls. The tranquility that surrounds the place is soothing. You could kayak around as you treat your eyes to the most magical places around the islands.

This is also a culturally diverse place that could see you hooked to a unique heritage. Locals are friendly and warm and always look forward to having guests.

When kayaking, don’t let the panoramic views and exquisite sites pass you by. Carry your binoculars along and explore each of nature’s bountiful gifts.

Bottom Line

Europe has so much to offer to those who love exploring new places. Wherever you choose to take your lake, river, or sea kayaking adventures, this continent has an amazing array of choices.

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