7 Benefits to Cutting out Meat Dairy and Eggs

For the carnivores amongst us, the idea of giving up meat can be hard to contemplate, but the trend is growing- veganism is becoming popular among celebrities and people everywhere! But how did it start? How did it get so popular? And what is so good about it?

Lose weight

Trading your Miss Kay’s for a veggie burger won’t immediately mean you will see a dramatic drop in weight, unfortunately. Studies have shown however that people who consume fewer animal products have lower rates of obesity, and on average, weight 5 to 20 per cent less the flesh eaters. Really it seems pretty simple- eating a plant-based diet of fruit, veggies, grains and seeds will keep your appetite sated for longer and, therefore you consume less during the day and BOOM you will fit into those skinny jeans before you know it.

As per Magnesium Oil Australia, it is important to take natural magnesium in your diet or through magnesium products when possible. Foods like Spinach and Avacado boost your magnesium but if you can’t take it from food, you can also take it from supplements or magnesium products. Consult with your nutritionist for professional advice.

Fight cancer

Chowing down like a rabbit on veggies is not only good for your waistline, but can minimise your risk of certain cancers. A new study has found that vegans have lower rates of cancer than meat eaters and vegetarians. Women who adhered to a strict vegan diet had less risk of breast, cervical and ovarian cancer.

Live longer

Besides the obvious drinking in moderation, stop smoking, exercise three times a week, veganism has been added to the list of helping you live longer. Adopting a vegan lifestyle can add 13 healthy years to your lifespan!


While we are all feeling the financially strain these days, the vegan lifestyle will help you feel the opposite way. Not only are you safeguarding your health, but you are saving your hip pocket by cutting out costly meats and replacing them with nuts, beans and legumes and can be bought in bulk for cheap. There are heaps of recipes online that show you tasty ways to use the ingredients, and that make them taste super yummy!

Easier than ever!

Veganism is becoming a common trend nowadays and supermarket aisles are stocked with meat and dairy alternatives making it easy to stock up and shop. There is also a slew of vegan friendly restaurants to choose from, so what’s stopping you?

Standing up for animals

This is probably the best reason to go vegan, once you think about the treatment of the poor animals you never want to eat meat again. By going vegan one person can save 50 animals lives a year.

New found energy

Not wanting to exercise will be a thing of the past once you start your new vegan diet. Studies have shown that a vegan diet gives you more energy and keeps you alert and energised for longer. Hello new promotion at work!