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Writers are most welcomed to share their knowledge, ideas and opinions on Mediatimes.com.au through guest posting. Please read through this entire page:

What Gets Published On Our Blog?

  • Your article MUST be unique and MUST not have been copied from anywhere on the internet. By submitting an article to us, you ensure that the article is solely your own production. We DO NOT publish copied content.
  • Your article must exhibit high quality, which means correct grammar, good sentence structure, correct use of punctuation, etc. We do not use articles found to be poorly written (or spun).
  • Ensure structuring your post into subheadings and paragraphs.
  • Once published on TechBurgeon, you must not republish the article elsewhere. We do run periodic checks to ensure this. Please be advised that we will unpublish your article immediately if it’s found republished.
  • Please do not include referral links, Advertisement or affiliate codes in your articles. We do not allow these.
  • Don’t use website or business names in titles. A business name can be used in article body if it’s relevant to your article and does not make it promotional.


  • We do not allow more than 1 dofollow link in a guest post; this dofollow link can be of your blog and it MUST be added within article’s body. Make sure that your guest post has at least 1 link to an authority website, so more value is added to your posting.
  • Your Author Bio MUST NOT have any links, besides links to your social profiles, i.e. any two of Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.
  • You MUST choose at least one of the categories for your guest post. Choose the MOST relevant one.
  • Approval can take 2-7 days.
  • All approved contributors MUST submit at least 1 post every month or their account may be considered inactive. Accounts with no activity for more than 2 months are suspended.

Send your article and your full name to this email- business195@outlook.com