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If you lose all your website data today due to some spam or hack attempt, do you have a plan B?

Is your website protected from spammers and hackers? When was the last time you did a security check of your website? Do you have regular backups setup just in case you lose all your website data? If not, now is the time to act before it is too late.

Our website maintenance service provides you:

Website Security: It is common for a website to be a victim of SPAM or HACK. So, improving website security is vital. We perform regular security checks, Implement and maintain SSL: your website security certificate and provide protection from basic web spams and hack attempts.

Regular Backups: A backup plan or plan B is important in case things go bad. We take regular backups of your website. This allows us to recover the data in case of lost data.

Regularly updating WordPress and various plugins release security and other updates time to time. As part of website maintenance, we make sure we regularly update your WordPress and all website plugins. Usually, this part is something you can do it yourself but in some cases, doing it yourself may cause issues in the functionality of some website features so it is best to leave it to the professionals.

FREE website hosting with this package!

Package: Only $99 /mo.

Why Us?

The advantage of being with WebsiteFix is that we are a full-service digital agency.  If you need to make any minor tweaks in the site, change the site design, implement SEO to improve site rankings in Google and more, then we can help. Our skilled website developers and marketing professionals have years of experience.

Moreover, you will get an additional combo discount on choosing multiple services.

All your website services can be in one place. We make it easy for you and manage it all for you so you can focus on your business.


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