These 6 Tips Can Make You a Likeable Person Among Your Friends

Do you ever wonder how others perceive you and what they really think of you?

It’s human nature for everyone to want to belong or be liked, however it’s not always possible to understand how to act in social settings, to increase our popularity amongst our peers and friends.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make others subconsciously develop a more authentic liking for you.With a bit of calculation and self-awareness, these tips can help you become a more likeable person through the eyes of others.

1. Take It Easy

First and most importantly is to not take life too seriously; learn to take a joke and in particular, harness the ability to laugh at yourself. It’s not only healthy for yourself, but it also conveys a more relaxed, laidback attitude to those you interact with and therefore will most likely increase their levels of comfort around you.

2. Listen

“too much talking can make you deaf”. So, the second tip is to never interrupt someone when they are speaking to you. It can be incredibly difficult to hold back from interjecting, however the speaker will appreciate you taking time to listen whole-heartedly, and it demonstrates your attentiveness, patience and politeness.

3. Wear a Smile

A British survey conducted by Wrigley discovered that 66% of men surveyed and 73% of women surveyed believe a smile makes you more attractive than wearing make-up. A smile can also evoke traits of confidence and youthfulness.

4. Be Genuine

The biggest mistake you can make in social situations is to offer a compliment without being genuine about it. Not only will this make the situation awkward, it will also portray you as being artificial and uncomfortable in social situations. If in doubt, say nothing at all. As the old saying goes, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

5. Greet with Enthusiasm

Greeting people enthusiastically and excitedly will make them instantly warm up to you. Not only does it put the person you’re meeting at ease, it shows them that you are genuinely excited to be in their company, and who doesn’t love that!

6. It Should’nt be all about you

It’s very easy to make the conversation all about you, however it can be quite off-putting and even interpreted as rude by the person you are speaking to when this occurs. To aid in sharing the conversation, try asking if the person shares the same view as you or has ever had the same problem as you. Not only will they be more involved, but they will also feel more important in that they are contributing, and that their opinion or advice is valued by you.

It can be difficult to be interpreted as pleasant in all circumstances, however these psychological social hacks can act as an initial point of reference to perfecting your interpersonal skills that will aid in you becoming a more confident and approachable person in your professional and personal life.

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Charlotte Tully

Charlotte Tully

Charlotte is currently in her third year of university studying a Bachelor of Laws/Journalism at Queensland University of Technology. Originally from the Gold Coast, Charlotte has a keen interest in and passion for providing high quality, upbeat and relatable articles, and hopes to become a competent journalist who can positively contribute to the industry at the completion of her degree. Her hobbies include: travel, photography, reading and exercise

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