Tagging And Commenting on Facebook- How To Be Internet Pro

In the previous article we learnt about the kind of posts that always perform well on Facebook. Here we will see how tagging and commenting can play an important part to gain popularity on Facebook.

Tagging is a good way to attract more people to your posts. In some posts, if its related to some of your friends its not a bad idea to tag your friends as far as they don’t mind of course. Firstly, this will notify them and their friends and because you now got a bigger audience hence chances of getting more likes is much better now. Also, tagging kind of push people to comment on your post.

If you are posting pictures with your friends, you can tag them to attract bigger audience. In this case, you can open the album privacy to ‘friends of friends’ instead of the default one which is just ‘friends’ because friends of your friends can also see the pictures and like the picture or even better like the whole album.

Another important thing you should focus on is getting Comments. Make sure you always reply to the friends comments because Facebook notifies your friends every time you comment on your own post. This again brings more people to your post.

Sometimes people don’t like or comment a post but when they see others (mainly some common friend) liking or commenting at a post then they tend to join the club. It’s just human psychology. We tend to do what everyone else is doing.

This is why having trusted friends who would always like or comment to your post is a very good idea. Don’t be hesitant and ask members of your family to always like or comment to your post. You don’t have to think too much when you ask this to your family but be VERY careful when you ask your friends to do this. Very few people appreciate this kind of act.  Some might see you as a desperate. So ask only tho those who you think might be interested in mutual likes/comments.

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