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How a Single tweet can Help Your Business – Twitter Tips

Seth Godin once said “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” This is the reality of social media right now.

A story going viral, is a paramount ambition of every marketer.

Though there is no foolproof recipe to make a content viral, you can still follow some cardinal rules to get closer to your dream of creating a story/content/tweet which everyone likes to share.

I have personally written articles in the past where I have talked about Social Media strategies. Here we will talk about the story of my tweet which went viral.

Personally, I use Mediatimes official twitter account and personal twitter account often to promote my articles or to share the knowledge with my followers. Few days back, I tweeted about Resume tips and the tweet (shown below) is going viral since then.

note: The overall Re-tweets count is more than 12, but as per my understanding, because it was a chain where people are re-tweeting from each other’s account, the whole number will not show up under my tweet.


Every single day this same tweet gets multiple re-tweets (as I notice from my notifications and checked in analytics) till this day from different accounts and hence the tweet count of the article (written by Haylee Forbes promoted my myself) has gone to almost 90 and still counting.

Though it’s hard to say that there is a single perfect recipe to make a tweet go viral, but in general you can follow some basics to make a tweet worth sharing. And if you get lucky, more people will pick it up resulting in your story going viral. You never know!

An impeccable tweet  is short and sweet with perfect hashtags.  Also, a clever heading can do the trick for you. Starting with a number, right keywords, and showing a benefit are all parts of a good heading that attracts the audience. The hashtags I used in this particular tweet were   and seems like the combination of these rightly chosen keywords worked out perfectly to reach mass audience. Research on hashtags can come handy.

Further, if you have got another twitter account, make use of it to re-tweet the same tweet after some time to give it more visibility with a different heading and different hashtags.

Also, if you tweet regularly every day, make sure you check the twitter analytics to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Following some of these basics can work out wonders for you.

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