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Killer Secrets to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Twitter

As a Social Media specialist, I have tested many social channels to drive traffic to my website and twitter has emerged as the winner for me.

Surely Facebook too is a big player in driving traffic, but Twitter delivers traffic faster than any other network due to the short span of a tweet and the nature of this social network.

As you can see, I have got a view count on all the articles on this website. This helps me analyse the traffic quicker. After publishing an article, the first thing I do is to share on twitter to get the quick traffic. And within a few seconds of sharing the article on twitter, the view count goes up. I share my articles on of course the Mediatimes twitter page and then a few seconds later to my personal twitter page. Both the time view count goes up which adds up to give a decent number.

Now there are two questions that we need to ask here. First, is it that easy?  

Answer to the first question is, of course not. It’s not easy at all. You need to build up an audience on your twitter account first to get that sort of result. And that takes a lot of effort, skill and time. Engaging with other twitter accounts, regular tweets, making use of right hashtags every time you tweet are some of the techniques you need to follow to grow your audience. Consistency is of course the most important factor to grow your audience on any social platform.

Second question, how do we make sure we get quality traffic?

This is again very tricky. Normally, if you just need traffic then of course any kind of traffic is a welcome thing for a website. But what if you only want to target a niche market and grow sales of your niche product?

For this, you need to engage with others who fall in the same category as your niche market. Find out the twitter accounts who are popular in your niche. One way to do this is to search #keyword on twitter. This shows up all the tweets and see who tweets regularly and gets the most re-tweets. Follow him, engage with him regularly and try to get his attention. A single retweet by a popular account can do wonders for you.

Also, research the keywords in your niche and use them in hashtags every time you tweet. Of course the tweets should be related to those hashtags/keywords. This will attract the right audience because there are people out there on Twitter who are always searching with these keywords. When you tweet, they will see you in search results and most probably follow you. This technique can help you grow your audience on twitter in your own niche.

Follow these tips to help grow your brand on Twitter. Also, let me know in the comments what other things work for you on Twitter?