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The Skill of Dating

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Dating is a skill. It is a skill that we struggle to gain feedback on, and make a lot of assumptions about. As a result of this, on many occasions we over analyse a date and make things much worse for ourselves. For those people who want to improve their dating, there are many things that you can do.

Mobile Dating

The dating scene is constantly changing and evolving to meet the demands of the modern person. Advances in technology have greatly changed the way in which people approach dating. It is thought that 51% of Australians have tried online dating, and that 1 in 10 Australians has found love online. Furthermore, it is believed that 33% of couples met online. Meeting online and using various forms of technology to help people date is becoming an ever present part of our society.


Texting and online messaging is a great tool to use when dating, especially before a first date. Knowing some basic information about your date, whether it be the music they listen to or their favourite movies, can change the whole dynamic of the date. After just a small conversation via text, many people are much more comfortable on a first date.

However, when texting or messaging, it is very important to reply ASAP. People live with their phones, so it’s often very easy to reply to a text. Taking your time to reply often implies that you are ignoring them, which is never good a good thing. Texting and messaging can help out on a date, but there are still plenty of other things you can do to improve your dating.

Confidence is Key

In order to find that special person in your life, you need to be the best version of yourself. Make an effort to look after your body and keep up to date with what’s fashionable. When dating someone, make sure to take an interest in them, ask plenty of questions and listen to them. But what often is a deal breaker on a date, is confidence.

Being confident in yourself is a great way to attract someone. As a lot of us know, however, confidence isn’t something that just happens. It is something that you need to gain. So if you’re struggling for confidence, a great way to improve it is to simply talk to new people, and get to know them. Doing this will make a huge difference when on a date.

A Date is Not A Commitment

One of the most important things to remember about a date is that it is not a commitment. You are not obliged to keep seeing someone, and you are not vowing your love for them. The best way to improve your dating is to simply go on dates. Don’t be afraid to ask someone out, or say yes to a date, because the more dates you go on, the more likely it is that you will find someone special.

Be Prepared

Make sure to be prepared on a date, but not too prepared. Plan out what restaurant you want to go to, and have a back up if something goes wrong. There is nothing worse than going on a date and everything is planned to a tee, almost that you are reading off a script. You need to go somewhere that you are comfortable in so that if anything doesn’t go to plan, you won’t panic.

Test the Chemistry

There is nothing worse than having to guess if your date is ‘in to you’, so to speak. Being able to read your dates body language is a great way to do this. Therefore, when on a date, very subtly, try to initiate some contact, maybe leaning and sitting closer to them. If they let this happen, things may be going very well. If they react poorly then at least you know they probably aren’t that in to you.

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Married Life

Have you ever worried that your once-blissful marriage is becoming routine? You are definitely not alone. But regardless of your age, there are plenty of simple ways to re-ignite the spark in your relationship.

1. Try New Things


  • Trying new activities together is a great way to strengthen your bond and keep your relationship exciting.
  • Take a dance class together, go on a hiking trip, cook something challenging or visit a new place. It doesn’t need to be expensive, or physically demanding.
  • You could try out a new board game, or volunteer together for a cause you both care about.
  • The important thing is that it creates new experiences that you can share.

2. Deviate from Routine Conversation Topics 

  • Regardless of your time spent together, there are always new things to talk about. Your spouse might have an interesting perspective on an issue or current affair. You may have heard an amusing story, or stumbled across a great film.
  • Break away from the routine conversations about work, family and mutual friends.
  • Take an interest in your partner’s hobbies, even if you don’t share their passion. Your partner will appreciate it.
  • You will learn something new  plus it will strengthen your understanding of each other.

3. Reminisce 

couple holiday


  • Sometimes life gets hectic. Work, family commitments and other pressures can have an impact on the way you and your partner interact. It is important to remember what it is that makes you crazy for one another.
  • Think back to your first date and try to recall what was going through your head.
  • Browse photos from your holidays, birthdays and your wedding.
  • Talk about the day you first moved in together.
  • If you take the time every once in a while to re-visit these simple moments, you will remind yourself why it is all worthwhile.

4. Be Spontaneous


  • Many married couples make the mistake of waiting for a reason to do something.
  • We celebrate promotions, get dressed up for formal occasions and make gifts on Birthdays and anniversaries. But doing something ‘just because’ is a great way to keep the spark alive between you and your partner.
  • Try sending each other gifts, or changing up your hair.
  • Put on a sexy outfit before your partner arrives home.
  • Why not try getting intimate in a new or strange place?
  • Keep each other guessing, and you can re-live the rush of anticipation you felt in the earlier stages of your relationship.

5. Romantic Gestures 

  • Sure, every person has different tastes. What is cute to one person might seem sappy to another. But every relationship has the potential for romance.
  • Find a way to express your feelings that in a way that pushes your partner’s buttons.
  • Give each other massages, leave each other notes, or send a charming and witty email to your spouse.
  • Do not let other people define romance for you- make these interactions unique.

6. Date Nights


  • Most relationships begin with restaurants, concerts, bars and movies. But often, these nights out become less frequent once you are more comfortable with each other and living under the same roof.
  • To keep the ‘honeymoon phase’ alive, take the effort of going out somewhere special on a regular basis.
  • Plan a ‘date night’ in advance. Put on your best evening-wear, make out in public and act as if you are seducing each other for the very first time.

7. Take time to yourself

  • There is some truth to the age-old saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.
  • While quality time together is important, you also need to make sure that you and your partner have the space to indulge in your own interests and spend time with friends.
  • Communicate clearly when you need more time to yourself, and openly negotiate a balance that works for your relationship.
  • Some time apart will allow you to miss one another and inspire you to make the most of the time you spend together.