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Meet Candyman – Australia’s Biggest Playboy

Meet Travers Beynon also commonly known as Candyman, the millionaire tobacco magnate who’s been dubbed Australian’s Hugh Hefner for his lavish lifestyle and wild parties featuring near-naked women.

Candyman Gold coast

A Current Affair recently covered a story on Mr Beynon, on which Graham and Yvonne Appleby, the great-grandparents of two of his children, claimed he was a bad father.

The Applebys said they had been cut off from the kids, who were being raised in the Candy Mansion at Helensvale, where Mr Beynon hosts wild parties with his “Candy Shop goddesses”.

Tobacco retail boss sets up Playboy-style mansion and throws decadent parties. Since then, social media has become even more interested in his lifestyle and as a result his social media following exploded. He has become the most followed influencer on Instagram with 110,000 followers.

But if you see from BUSINESS point of view, any publicity is good publicity. Mr Beynon is heir to the FreeChoice tobacco empire and his new Mansion with wild parties in the presence of bikini clad model, all get huge media coverage nowadays which no need to say, gives a good publicity to the business and helps promote sales.

Candyman Trevors Beynon

All this happens at riverfront mansion at Helensvale, where his wild exotic parties are filled with dozens of “Candy Shop goddesses”, mostly dressed in itsy-bitsy bikinis. Business advertisement signs are strategically placed around the mansion grounds and pictures are later promoted at social channels like Instagram and Facebook.