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Brisbane Topped The Country For Growth

Brisbane has significantly tipped the scale in fastest population growth. Research conducted by Australia’s biggest comparison website Finder.com, found Queensland claimed the top three out of 563 areas across Australia.

The Brisbane region has attracted a whopping 196, 852 new Brisbanites from 2004 to 2014. Second place was taken by the Gold Coast then Moreton Bay with a population boost of 122, 062 and 104, 250 respectively.

This is resulting in more new home constructions in Brisbane. Real estate and property are at their peak in Brisbane. Paul from home builders Brisbane says that the number of clients who are looking for small home construction has increased in last couple of years.

Finder.com.au found the cost of living in Brisbane is much cheaper than Australia’s other major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Property prices are much more affordable, the key motive for the large population of people choosing to migrate to the Sunshine State. A one- bedroom apartment outside the city will on average cost $1, 234.04 in rent per month, in comparison to Sydney snatching $1, 624.22 off its residents monthly for similar living standards.

Finder.com.aus Money expert Michelle Hutchison stated that it was no surprise that Queensland is home to the country’s fastest growing regions.

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“More people are venturing north of the nation, which indicates that lifestyle is becoming a key factor when considering where to live. As well as boasting an eviable coastal lifestyle and warmer weather than other parts of the country, Queensland remains an affordable property pocket where buyers can get great value for money.”

“With property prices rising 18.4 percent in Sydney and 11.5 percent in Melbourne in the last 12 months, these markets are now unaffordable to many. Compared to Brisbane, it saw just 3.9 percent growth. Therefore, some buyers are being forced to purchase property – this could include crossing borders and setting up home in areas where they may not have previously considered.”

Along with affordable cost of living, Brisbanites also enjoy a thriving economic environment together with a relaxed ambience unlike other cities. With the region experiencing a boom, employment opportunities for new comers are quite high in major industries including hospitality, tourism, health, business and manufacturing.

The public transport system throughout the city makes it relatively easy to get around, offering access to all major areas. Brisbane residents should look forward to even further improvement in infrastructure. Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk told 7 News, “That’s why we’ve been building big infrastructure to make sure we can keep up with that growth, making sure we have the facilities here for people to enjoy.”