SEO Ranking Factors in 2015 – BY Matt Cutts, Google


Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team talks about latest in search at a recent SEO conference.

Matt Cutts mentions that soon a lot of the traffic will be mobile traffic; in fact  Google estimates that the mobile traffic will soon cross the desktop traffic in near future.

So to adjust yourself with this latest trend, you need to come up with a mobile strategy and make plans to make your site mobile friendly. For the same reason, Google recently introduced a new update where Google made ‘mobile friendliness’ as a major ranking factor. So, if you wish to rank in Google, make your site mobile friendly.

Google is also a big fan of content and believes that if you can produce unique and attractive content (in the form of article, news, info-graphics, videos, pdfs etc) that no body else is doing in your niche then other sites will link to your site automatically. And they believe this is the best method to get links.

Google also advices to stay away from people or agencies who promise to do “white hat SEO” for your site as there is no such thing.  Matt Cutts also said that short cuts to get ranking is coming to an end and people need to start putting their sweat to earn the quality links and hence the Google rankings.

Watch the video here where Matt Cutts answers the SEO related questions.

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