3 Indians Arrested in Australia for Fake Visas and Exploiting Overseas Students

Three Indian men were arrested in a Police raid across Melbourne, carried out by AFP (Australian Federal Police) and border Force officers.

Baljit ‘Bobby’ Singh, Mukesh Sharma and Rakesh Kumar were arrested for allegedly abusing visas and exploiting overseas students through their recruitment firm that supplied staff to the country’s postal services. Some assets including Ferrari car which belonged to Bobby was also seized.

The three Indian men allegedly ran a labour-hire firm headed by Bobby. The firm supplied staff to government owned Australia Post. Bobby was also running two government-subsidised training colleges as per the Media reports.

Vikas from Indians in Australia community says that this is not just the story of Indians but there are many new comers who come to Australia to start a new life but get exploited. Many get involved unknowingly but then there are few who knowingly indulge in these kind of illegal activities.

The syndicate has been suspected of providing fake student visas to workers, enabling them to obtain a security clearance to work at Australia Post.

The colleges charged up to USD 10,000 to international students as fees of but allegedly offered no proper training.

Mr Singh, the owner of St Stephen Institute of Technology in Melbourne, was arrested from his residence.

Rakesh, one of the directors of St Stephen and Mukesh, owner of Symbiosis Institute of Technical Education in Footscray, were arrested in separate raids.

The men were due to face Melbourne Magistrate Court in relations to the charges of conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to influence a Commonwealth official, and dealing with the proceeds of crimes.

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